Dubai’s Finest Florist

Dubai’s Finest Florist is Here to Stay

Looking for the best florist in Dubai? That can be quite a task, because in the ocean of florists all pushing their own flowers and claiming to be the best, how can you find that one florist that you can trust and that’s really not the same? A Better Florist should be the first location on your list, because it’s a pleasant change from what we could usually buy from our florists. Not to knock any florists down, but A Better florist introduced a flower delivery that’s different, that thinks more about customers, and offers something that you need in today’s day and age. From chic and trendy designs, to a trustworthy delivery and reasonable prices, this is the flower delivery Dubai has needed all along.

Ever since A Better Florist launched selling flowers in Singapore as one of the best florist in Singapore, they set a different standard of quality and service. On first glance, you could see that this team of florists is doing this out of pure passion. Their designs are incredibly luxurious, yet affordable, enabling every single person to indulge in extravagant flower creations without spending all their hard earned money.

You can shop online, which is one of the crowd favourites, or visit the flower shop personally. Online shopping is easy as you’re given categories and collections that guide you to finding the ideal gift and flower for each occasion. Not a single flower delivery UAE has so far has made online shopping so simple. It’s not overwhelming, you’re not given dozens and dozens of pages to scroll through. When I say it’s fast, it’s fast.

Fast shopping leads to an even faster delivery. A Better Florist in Dubai offers a same day flower delivery that’s completely free of charge. Also, they have an express delivery that gets to you within just 90 minutes. That way, if you’re in hurry or you happen to forget to buy flowers, which happens to all of us, you don’t have to stop by a drugstore and pick up something last minute. You can do better than that, thanks to A Better Florist. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the best florist in Dubai.

What you’ll also love is that the flowers they use are always picture-perfect. They smell gorgeous, look like they have just been picked from a field of flowers and are beautiful arranged with every single detail in mind. They even have a hamper and fruit basket selection, if you want to add something extra to your flowers.

If you’re frequently travelling, or happen to have relatives you want to surprise in other places except Dubai, you can count on A Better Florist as truly the most unique florist in Hong Kong, if not the best florist in Hong Kong overall. Since it’s been proven that it’s such a reliable flower service in Dubai, we’re sure that ABF is the best flower delivery in Hong Kong Kong and the best flower delivery KL has too.

Better blooms are coming your way, so embrace it! They’re right here in Dubai, and why settle for anything less than the best?


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