Weather matters

19d0c9d8-7048-49a0-bcd4-8a58113888afI’m checking my Instagram and Facebook feed , watching my friends in Dubai, Miami, Los Angeles, Dominican Republic, Goa, Bali and so on. Seriously…. Trully summer social networks. Is there someone living in winter, and havn’t travelled to warm countries for the holidays? Or it’s just me traveling opposite side of the comfort weather🙈 I have spent  summer in Dubai with temperature +50C and 100% humidity, studying marketing  at the  university . Really, what you can do during summer in UAE? Traveling- no way, studying-yes. I have visited Paris during September rains, Prague in October leaves fall, beaches of Portugal in December. Now enjoying January snows in New York.

My international friends always joke – Yulia, you are from Ukraine, you have to love snow and be indifferent with cold weather. To answers this I’m just rolling my eyes🙄 I never liked cold weather, even Ukrainian climate has 9 month of cold and no sun.

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