Unglamorous New York


Still fighting with a heavy jet lag ( the time difference between New York and Dubai is 9 hours back), I’m trying to keep myself awake and get to know the city better.

I’ve been in New York 15 times before, while working with Emirates, but it was nothing to compare with visiting the city for a longer time and discover how the local people live here. I havn’t plan this trip in advance. As usual, it was a last minute flight booking and suitcases packing, which I never regret. I love these spontaneous trips.

New York welcomed me with a smile and snow. After Dubai its was like really freezing.

January is probably not the best weather  to visit New York, but the city’s holiday decorations look beautiful and create a special atmosphere. The shopping sales also attract a lot of attention and make the stay at he city very busy.

The first thought that I had in my mind regarding the lifestyle in New York, that for a person like me, traveling from a such secure place as Dubai, New York creates for sure an exit out of the comfort zone. You don’t have your luxury car to drive, using public transport is killing, crowds of people are everywhere, the city is quite dirty, and it’s freezing cold.

The shopping is amazing and the food at the restaurant is sooo tasty. Due to huge competition, the restaurant can not to serve not the best food, otherwise they will not survive. The food is amazing, the choice of French wines is better than in Paris restaurants. No one really cares about the fancy high end interior design, the most important is the experience, the taste and the people around.



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