10 Reasons Why Traveling is Important

1. Traveling widens your outlook
You have lived at your home country, have got used to people, society rules and everyday routine. When you travel to other country, you will see that every country`s way of life will be different from any other.
2. Traveling frees your mind. You see the big picture
There is only you and your passport. Borders are only in your mind. Everything else will come to you on your way. There is no distance in miles, only flight hours.
3. Traveling makes your dreams come true and proves you that everything is possible
You have never been to Paris? You can go tomorrow. You have never seen Northern lights? Norway is waiting for you. Dreaming about party on a yacht? Friends in Nice can organize it for you. Does paradise on Earth exist? Yes, it`s there on Maldive Islands. Dinner above clouds? It`s on the top of the tallest building of the world Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
4. You learn other cultures
Languages, religions, customs, traditions, architecture, public and religious holidays – you can always find something interesting in  195 countries around the world where people speak around 7000 languages.
Christmas in London, New Year in Sydney,  Chinese New Year in Beijing, St. Valentines Day in Paris, Women Day in Moscow, Easter in Ukraine, Ramadan in Dubai, Dhivali in New Delhi – there so many interesting cities to visit during holidays!
5. You try different food 😋
Ukrainian food is deeply fried and has a lot of fat. Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan food is super spicy. Asian cuisine consists of a lot of weird stuff:) There is no pork in Arab countries. Best beef is from USA, Australia and Japan. Everybody loves Italian cuisine for it`s freshness and light flavors. Best French food is in New York.
6. Traveling makes stronger your family connection
When you are far away from home you strongly realize that your family are the closest and the most valuable people in your life and how important they are for you.
7. Traveling boosts confidence
Getting into unusual situations of your life and communicating with different people you see yourself from different perspective and see yourself in other people eyes. Kind of another person becomes a mirror for you. F.e. a girl has some extra kilos. All her friends and relatives kindly advising her that she has to lose some weight. She is not popular among men, because in her culture being skinny is in trend. Then this girls travels to  Latin America, where curvy women are in favor. Everybody makes compliments to her, how beautiful she is. She feels herself amazing and her confidence is being boosted a lot. She comes back home and she doesn’t care about public opinion any more, because she knows that she is beautiful.
8. You get out of your comfort zone.
Move your butt from your sofa! Break the everyday routine! Book a ticket to a new destination, book a hotel, pack your carry on luggage and visit a new city, f.e. Barcelona. Put on your sneakers, take a city map and walk around streets of this beautiful city. Meet local people and other tourist, check out architectural sights, eat at small local restaurants, visit souvenir shops, and finish your day with a glass of red wine from one of the wine cellars. Or challenge yourself and travel to Nepal for tracking mountains, rafting, yoga and visiting temples.
9. Traveling with someone is a perfect occasion to test a person
If you are traveling  with a friend or potential boyfriend/girlfriend, situations during your trip will show his/her personality. Facing unusual situations, challenges or problems person goes out of his/her normal emotional condition.
F.e. During one of my trips after the group has  arrived to the hotel, one person couldn’t find the passport. This person thought that  the passport was left inside the aircraft. This person was shouting and blaming group members that it was their fault. Afterwards found the passport inside the carry on luggage. Seriously…😒
10. You get to know who you are
You are who you are is always only in relation to someone or something.  Someone is richer than him, but poorer than her. You are smarter than A person, but dumber than B person. One country is more developed than the second country, but less developed than the third one. When you have seen a lot of such examples and comparisons in your life, you can objectively realize on which level you are today and which level you want to be tomorrow.



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