Vietnamese cuisine at Hoi An


Vietnamese cuisine is considered to be one of the most healthiest in the world. It includes varieties of rice and noodles, seafood, fish sauces, chicken, beef, pork and a lot of vegitables and fruits. It has common features with cuisines of China and other nearby Asian countries, but is defined by less usage of oils and dairy, thus more healthy.  I have tried it at the  Hoi An restaurant at the Shangri La Hotel Dubai .

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The interior of this venue is very cozy and peaceful, finished with orient lights and lotus-like orange decorations on the tables. Top to bottom windows are facing the outdoor sitting area of the hotel.

From the very extended and complicated menu I have chosen the the beef fillet with Fouis gras and esparragus. The meat was very tenderly marinated with the Vietnamese spices. The combination with Fouis gras I have found too fatty as for my taste. The seafood salad was quite good as well.

I didn’t include here all the menu pages here. The menu contents a very large number of dishes, which gives a good choice for every taste.

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Overall experience: quiet restaurant with delicious and healthy Vietnamese food.

Recommended: lunch, Asian food, quiet  afternoon after meetings.


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