Museum day: Cipriani Dubai and art gallery in DIFC

One one day we had two different impressions of two different cultural experiences.

Part 1 – Italian restaurant, Part 2 – Iranian art.

Part 1. Cipriani Dubai

Cipriani is a second venue in UAE after Abu-Dhabi Yas Island, was opened in February 2016 in DIFC, a fine dining restaurant of Italian cuisine.




On the day we have visited it during week, it was quite busy, handling De Grisogono lunch, dedicated to opening its boutique in Dubai Mall. I don`t know where I have felt myself more like inside of a museum – in the restaurant or in the art gallery afterwards.




The interior is in warm colors, dimmed lights, with outside terrace. Waiters are very chic, polite and professional, so when he or she explains you what is the dish like, you don`t really understand what he/she talks about, only hypnotized how he/she talks. Result – the menu is glamorous  and the explanation of a waiter even more tempting, but the pasta arrived and it was completely bland 🙁 Sounded like alluring and seductive, in reality – pasta with butter.


Click image to enlarge.


Cipriani Dubai Menu. Click image to enlarge.


Overall experience: like in a museum.

Recommended: if you want to really impress your girlfriend, so she will not refuse to marry you.


Part 2. The Farjam Foundation Gallery.

There are a few art galleries in DIFC, one of them is in front of the Cipriani. My friend is an artist, so we decided to pass by.

Welcome to the world of the contemporary art. In the Farjam Foundation Gallery currently is shown the collection of works of the Iranian artist Siamak Filizadeh named as ” Rostam returns: the Shahnameh`s hero in the 21st centure”.



As a person who doesn`t really understand much in contemporary art, let me tell you the story of Rostam the Hero.

This is Rostam. Say hi 🙂

He is very fit, taking care about himself, and very stylish ,   wearing golden Rolex  and D&G belt.


Rostam is very brave though. He defeats Spiderman.


Afterwards he meets a beautiful lady. She is the local celebrity.


He fells in love with her eyebrows and upper lip.


And marries her.

Rostam is very elegant during his wedding, having his tie on, D&G belt, his white socks with black shoes. His wife is styled with pink feather boa and Burberry tote. Guests are dancing.


Happy end 🙂

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