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The tendency of food trucks becomes very popular in Dubai in recent years. There are no small kiosks trading   with food or any other stuff on the streets as it is in any other country of the world. So the food truck, which is changing its location or is parked all the time at the same place, it kind of cool thing in Dubai.

I`ve heard about Salt food truck about one year ago from my friend, that the company was using an interesting form of promotion. They were not locatedin one particular place, changing location every day. You could catch this truck, by following them on Instagram and by hashtag #findsalt. Their location was getting known by the Instagram and the food quality was spread by word of mouth. My friend also said that the burgers were delicious. I`m a kind of adherent of healthy food (or try to be 🙂 ), so I was not very inspired. In addition those few times I have eaten burgers in Dubai I was very disappointed.

This Friday we have visited Kite beach to enjoy the sea, sand and sun. And there we have noticed the Salt café-like venue by the beach side. In Kite beach there is not a big choice of places to eat in, unlike JBR, so we decided to try the famous Salt burgers. Approaching the restaurant you will see the outside seating, packed with visitors and  a huge queue  to the order counter. Service staff walking on the territory welcomes, gives you the plastic menu and guides to the order counter – there two separate trucks – counters, for food and for drinks and ice cream. The queue moves very fast. Menu is limited, due to the limited capacity of the kitchen.  I`ve ordered the original sliders and fries.

Burgers, made from free range grass fed Wagyu beef, were delicious! Not too much fatty, not dry, great taste, with melted cheese, pickles and the Salt signature sauce in a tender bun. We took the food to the beach and enjoyed it watching  the sunset by the seashore. Afterwards I came back for the soft ice cream, which I found too heavy and couldn’t finish even a half of it. Topped with cookies and caramel sauce, very thick.

In addition the Salt opened a separate small truck with Grind coffee. So good for me as a coffee lover. I will definitely come back here next time. Maybe for a morning stroll near the sea with a cup of their coffee.

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Overall experience: delicious burgers by the sea, great atmosphere and service. The only thing that missing – is wifi 🙂

Recommended: for beach bites and picnics.



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