Why do women love shopping?

DSC03076-3I don`t know any lady who doesn’t like shopping. For some girls this magical world is a part of the basic needs of the everyday life.

What are the motives driving us girls to roam around the endless Dubai Mall until we drop?

  1. Some researches and theories say that the cause goes way back to the ancient instincts, when men were the hunters and women were the gatherers. Men want to come to the shop and get the item straight away. Ladies prefer to roam, to choose, to try, to look for better deal . Believing to that – for us girls shopping is a basic need and an instinct. We can not go against nature:).
  2. Shopping as an expression of care – we like to buy things not only for ourselves, but also for our family, friends, beloved ones, being thinking about them.
  3. We love to be in the center of attention and being attractive to men. Beautiful new dress as an instrument.
  4. Looking good makes us happy – we need to update our wardrobe to dress up according to the fashion tendencies.
  5. Possession of new stuff bring positive emotions.
  6. Shopping releases the stress – for me its the best. Just forgetting about about everything and enjoying buying new shoes or dresses.
  7. We love to have a choice of outfits and accessories.
  8. We are never enough – it can not be too much of clothes or shoes. Usually we have nothing to put on
  9. Shopping with friends is a form of social interaction.
  10. We love everything new to try.
  11. Shopping burns calories – while walking for 12 hours in Dubai Mall sometimes we even forget to eat:) Next time I should turn on the steps counter and see how many kilometers can be walked in one mall.
  12. Shopping kills time – for those who have nothing to do and feel bored. The malls of Dubai usually don`t have windows , so you loose the feeling of time completely.

DSC03077-1The more we like, the more men hate it. I always feel sorry for the guys crowding outside Victoria`s Secret in Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates. They look so bored and hopeless:)  Meanwhile Bloomingdales and other luxury shops provide enough of relaxing sofas and chairs for man to wait and enjoy the show how his inspired lady is trying new outfit.

As for me shopping is the best therapy for life problems and mood disorders.

What is your reason?

2 Responses
  • Neo
    September 30, 2016

    A nicely articulated and transparent article….

    However, with all various fashion options for men these days, searching for that item in mind can land me a good few hours in the mall, and end up getting something else! The best items i’ve ever purchased were not intentded….and also the worst (

    Thats the problem with male purchases, quick and dirty )

    • Yulia
      October 25, 2016

      Neo, you are right 🙂 But next time you should better take a lady with you for shopping, so she will help you to do the right choice 😉

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