Mercedes Benz GLE400 test drive

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Last week I was thinking about what are the features of the car I`d love to drive in Dubai. I have tried the Mercedes Benz GLE400 and it has shown me a good example.

So what do I prefer?

  • The car has to be big. I like big stuff 🙂 There is a trend for SUV`s in UAE due to the affordable prices of petrol and possibility to drive to the desert. The GLE400 is a 4 wheel drive SUV with 6 cylinder engine, 333 horse power. Though its huge in size, it is very easy driven. I didn`t feel like I`m driving a heavy truck. The speed was also not felt – driving 135 km/h in Abu Dhabi direction was the same feeling as 60 km/h on Jumeirah Road.

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  • The steering was so soft and easy. I was using the driving mode on the Soft position. The other 4 modes are Sport, Individual, Slippery and Outdoor, which can be changed from the dynamic controller near the main control touch pad.
  • The car is packed with all the Mercedes safety features. Active Line Assist will give a vibrating signal to the steering if you will be distracted by checking your phone during driving and loose the alert staying in line. Blind Spot Assist will notify if you are too close to another car or any object and haven’t seen it in the side mirrors. Active Parking Assist will show the 360 degree view of the parking space and will help to park automatically for the parralel parking.


  • Keyless Go – no need to press the remote to open the car. Just keep it in pocket or purse, the doors will open automatically when you will approach the car. And of course the Start/Stop button to start the car.
  • The AMG style leather seat hugged me and I didn’t feel the seat belt fastened. Super comfy!
  • 20,3 cm display will show you the navigation system, parking assist with 360 camera view, media library, connection to your phone and many other car settings.

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  • The AMG exterior desigh with 20″ alloy wheels.
  • Panoramic sunroof – very important to watch Dubai skyscrapers 🙂
  • There is plenty space for the passengers at the back seats. Though there is no any entertainment system at the back, the individual a/c and cupholders are in place.
  • The trunk is huge and can be extended by folding the back seats. A lot of space for shopping bags ☺️ .

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Overall experience: a lovely premium SUV. A bit conservative interior, though a technologically packed car. There are less pricey alternatives in the same car segment, but it’s Mercedes and it doesn’t need introduction.

4 Responses
  • Talat
    July 17, 2016

    Well explained and very informative.. Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with Mercedes Benz… Photo shoot seems very professional 😛

  • Tolu Akinshete
    September 18, 2016

    Nice write-up; very informative without being ‘tech heavy’. Personally, I love the Benz brand but this particular model just reminds me of the BMW X6. for me that’s a big OUCH!

    • Yulia
      September 28, 2016

      Tolu, thank you! The GLE model, but 63AMG has similar design with BMW X6

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