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DSC02646 copy 2There is a variety of business schools in Dubai and I am a current student of one of them. This is my second year of studying the Masters Degree. I can say it`s a serious and not easy process, especially combining studies with having a job and being a blogger. Some of my friends are asking me: How do you have time for everything all together? My answer is that I love life, I`m never enough of anything, and creating the world around me is my passion.

I have started my Masters of International Business in 2014 at the University of Wollongong in Dubai. This Australian university is highly ranked worldwide. It offers Masters and MBA programs as well as Bachelors degree. I have my Bachelors and Masters in Tourism Management from universities in Ukraine. I the diverse multicultural business environment where I live in Dubai, I decided to upgrade my education to the next level.

From the business schools in Dubai I have chosen University of Wollongong because I have found that  their International Business program matches my goals. To enroll for the course it is necessary to pass the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) with the minimum overall score 6 out of 9. This test is quite specific and difficult and needs special extensive preparation. The Masters degree itself consists of 10 to 12 subjects to study during approximately 2 years. The education process is divided into 3 trimesters per year – February to May, June to July, September to December. They include lectures in the evening 18:00-21:00 twice a week, midterm and final exam, and individual or group assignment to complete by the end of the trimester.

Sounds like easy stuff. I could never think that it will be so difficult in reality 😢 . I was thinking that if I have completed my masters in Ukraine, the second masters will be super easy. I was wrong with my expectations.  It has nothing similar to do with my previous Ukrainian education experience. This course includes the real business related knowledge, which gives you opportunity to achieve practical skills valued same as years of experience in corporate environment. The assignments to prepare include a lot of academic reports writings as well as live  projects presentations using Power Point. So you will forget about your fear of public speaking:). From my course subjects to study include Multinational and Cross-Cultural Management, Finance Management, International Business Environment and Strategies, Global Marketing and Marketing Management, Current Issues in International Business, Human Resource Management and others.

DSC03135 copyThe most interesting and challenging point is that you participate in the real-field business related researches and projects withing the multicultural environment. The students studying here are from all around the world and the lecturers are mostly from Middle East, Australia, Europe. The University of Wollongong Dubai`s campus has great facilities to study in. After finishing, you will receive the Australian Masters Degree certificate, which is accredited in UAE and recognized worldwide.

Completing the Masters Degree is definitely a valuable investment into your career and self-development. It gives comprehensive business knowledge and skills, develops global thinking and widens the outlook indeed.




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  • Z
    July 18, 2016


    I am myself thinking of joining Uowd. And this post is quite helpful.

  • Tolu Akinshete
    September 18, 2016

    I agree with you. Great school and it opens up a whole range of exciting career opportunities.

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