Not to go – Banyan Tree Ras Al Khaimah Beach Resort


Last weekend I have visited the Banyan Tree Beach Resort in Ras Al Khaimah and it was not that marvelous as it was expected to be. As I have mentioned before, I`m a happy person by my nature, so I was enjoying my time despite of the inconsistencies. But the main idea I`m keeping trough my blog is to give an objective review about the experience.


The resort located in Ras Al Khaimah emirate, at the Al Hamra area. It is approximately 1 hour driving from Dubai. You park your car near Hilton, and then the staff of the Banyan Tree resort takes you by boat to the resort. The idea is like you have a boat ride to the island. The reality is that the resort is anyway on the mainland attached to Hilton, and it would be much comfortable to arrive by car to the door of the hotel directly , but not having the boat ride in +50C heat. The fun starts on the check in. Below are the main points.

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Overall experience:


  • The Operations Manager was arguing with us! I thought their job is to minimize uncomfortable situations for customers, but it was opposite. The situation: after arrival, the receptionist has informed that our room booking  was canceled from without email notification. The receptionist called the Operations Manager. 5 minutes she was arguing to prove that this is our mistake. But she told that she can provide us a villa because there are a lot of them vacant. So why wouldn’t she just give a room, without ruining the morning?
  • Villas are very small inside
  • Poor level of cleanliness – I still saw someone`s hair in the corners, stains on the curtains and bath mat, rust stains on the walls
  • Furniture seemed to be quite old with obvious scratches
  • Air-conditioning is mounted in the floor – the airflow goes from the bottom. That means that the cold air stays on the floor, and your feet will be freezing all the time
  • TV with few English old-movie channels
  • Villas are located very close to each other
  • There is no any first aid in the resort – if you have a headache, this will be only your problem , no one can help you here
  • The resort is definitely overpriced for such facilities


  • Very polite and considerate junior staff – receptionists, waiters, buggy drivers
  • Food was amazing, both from the menu and the breakfast in the morning
  • Infinity pool near villa is really cool


I will not recommend this resort. There are better options in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Fujairah.



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