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Hey, elegant traveler! Making ideas about where to go next? You are at the right place.

This blog provides a useful information about the most luxury hotels in UAE and around the world, which were experienced personally by Yulia, as well as top restaurants and the most interesting sights and activities. If you are looking for the hottest spots in the city from the first-hand contact – this portal is for you.

Started in 2016 in order to highlight the lifestyle of a glamorous Dubai city, this blog is growing its presence as a platform for travelers from all countries of the world to find their inspiration for luxury travel. Men and women, confident in themselves, enjoying comfort and beauty, desiring to get the best of their life land here.

Yulia is originally from Ukraine, where she has received higher education degree in the International Travel Management.  She has arrived to Dubai, UAE in 2011. During 5 years in the country she was working with multiple luxury aviation and lifestyle management companies. Being travelled to more than 40 countries around the world, Yulia has accumulated knowledge and experience about the best world journeys, being ready to share it with the respected auditory.

You can contact Yulia directly by sending an email to YS(at)YULIASNISARENKO.COM 
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